Amazonian – Psilocybin cubensis dried mushroom. Let this mushroom immerse you in the magic of the Amazon Rainforest. In other words, expect heavy visuals and a great trip!

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Blue Meanies


Blue Meanies- Psilocybin Cyanescens dried mushroom. This strain can be a Meanie to anyone unprepared for a potent trip. Use caution as Blue Meanies often pack in up to twice the amount of psilocybin found in more common strains such as Golden Teachers.

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Shroomies – Milk Chocolate Crunch 3000mg – Psilocybin Edibles


Say goodbye to the taste of Dried Shrooms and say hello to these delicious Milk Chocolate Edibles!

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LSD – 100ug


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Z Psilocybin Mushroom


Z – Psilocybin cubensis dried mushroom. Do not be fooled by the short strain name. Z will have you tripping the entire day.

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Tidal Wave Psilocybin Mushroom


Tidal Wave – Psilocybin cubensis dried mushroom. A hybrid between the B+ and the infamous Penis Envy, this mushroom has the power of a tsunami in every gram. New psychonauts beware, this is a very potent strain.

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LSD – 100ug


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